Chip tuning Mitsubishi Outlander III 2.0 MIVEC PHEV 200KM 147kW

ICEheaterStop Mitsubishi Outlander III (2012-2015) 2.0 MIVEC PHEV 200KM 147kW


ICEheaterStop optional module enables full electric heating
of cabin in most weather & temperature conditions. Gasoline engine
will start only if it is cold, consumption of fuel for heating will be
reduced by 70% (average).
Explanation: There are three different channels (triggers) that can
cause ICE to start: heating of cabin (that we reduce with ICEheatStop),
preheating of oil/engine in winter to avoid demolishing engine by rapid
full power demand while frozen, and finally – traction power demand.
ICEheatStop blocks usage of ICE for cabin heating, ICE Ecu still may
preheat ICE oil without any load (and without electricity production)
for 30 sec – 2 min (depends on external temperature). Fuel consumption
for that preheating is very low – much lower than when engine is
additionally loaded with power generator to speed up ICE->cabin

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